Rough to Wrapped Creations

About The Stones

Why we work with these sacred stones:



Agate is found in a variety of colors and is present throughout the world. Some of the finest agate is from the Southwestern United States. Agate is believed to protect the wearer and bring spiritual peace as well as clarity to the mind.


The mineral azurite is found in Utah and New Mexico, though there are other areas of the globe where it is located, the Southwest is famed for both the quality and the quantity available to prospectors. The spiritual properties attributed to this stone speak to clearing, clairvoyance, and clairsentience.  


Chrysocolla is a beautiful amalgamation of a number of other minerals including Malachite and Azurite. This blue-green beauty is found primarily in the Southwestern United States, and Mexico though there are additional deposits worldwide. An excellent stone for artisans and teachers, this stone aids in self expression and communication.


Chrysocolorite is a combination of chrysocolla, malachite and gem silica within chalcedony quartz.  This unique stone is mined only in Hindsdale County, Colorado, USA. It is believed to carry the magical qualities of all three stones within it, making it a truly phenomenal item. 


Comprised of silica, Jasper is available in a wide variety of colors and is common throughout the world. This stone is able to withstand a high polish and is often used in sculpture. Historically Jasper has been linked to the body’s life force. It is both protective and invigorating in its spiritual properties. 


A beautiful mineral reminiscent of the sea, Labradorite gets its incredible color from the multitude of hues which lie beneath the surface. These are unique to each stone. Most Labradorite is Canadian in origin, however, it has been found elsewhere on the globe. Spiritually this stone is an incredibly powerful shield to the wearer. The Inuit believe the stone was created from the Aurora Borealis and that is why it has bright lights within.


This intensely blue semi-precious gemstone is a metamorphic rock. Incredibly rare in its purity, Lapis is found almost exclusively in the Middle East and the Mediterranean. The stone has held a high value in the spiritual world since recorded time began. This is a God stone of spiritual awakening and divine awareness. 


Deep emerald green color, with banded inclusions, make the stone Malachite appear to be part of an Irish Countryside. This mineral is copper carbonate and is primarily found in Russia and Africa, though there are smaller deposits worldwide. Spiritually Malachite is believed to act as an enhancer, amplifying the energies of the body it is tuned to.


This mineral is found primarily within marble deposits in the Mariposa County, California and is incredibly lustrous when polished. In many ways Mariposite embraces the essence of the marble it comes from in coloring and texture. This stone is healing to the heart and creates a balanced emotional space for the wearer.


Obsidian is the history of the cleansing of nature. This volcanic stone can be found in the Western United States. The deep glass like structure of this mineral is indescribably beautiful, particularly in sunlight. This stone is considered one of the most powerful cleansing tools within spiritual communities. 


Incredibly diverse in color and inclusion, Opal is found throughout the world. The Opal found in the Southwest United States, however, is rarified due to the color and tone of the stone. The Greeks were historically enamored with Opal and its spiritual significance. It is believed to be a great protector and is dually able to release any blocks that may be holding the wearer back.


This lovely pink gemstone is comprised primarily of iron and magnesium.  Though its rarity makes it difficult to acquire, it has been coveted extensively since the early 1900’s. It is a rare form of rhodonite mined in Silverton, Colorado, USA. The significance of this stone in spiritual spaces is one of overcoming. It is often used to diffuse and treat wearers with a history of traumatic events.

Ruby Zoisite

A hybrid ruby crystal, this lovely stone often has dark merlot coloring, though it can be green as well. Ruby Zoisite is rare and almost exclusively found in areas of India. Since its discovery it has been lauded by spiritual community as a bringer of joy. This stone is heralded as bringing abundance to the wearer. 


Shattukite is a blue stone which rivals Lapis for its vividness. This gem is very uncommon and found primarily in Bisbee, Arizona, United States. When cut and polished Shattukite gives the purveyor the impression of looking down upon a tropical coastline, with its dreamy blues and greens. This stone is said to aid in psychic awareness as well as self awareness.  

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