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(Pamela) Golden Eagle Dawn

Pamela is a lifelong artisan having excelled doing stained glass, pottery, painting, and a performing singer/guitarist. She has begun to channel her creativity into wire wrapping and weaving using bronze, silver, gold, and other precious metals. Pamela's designs often incorporate beads, crystals, and feather, depending on what the stone calls for.


Paul has collected minerals and fossils his entire life. To compliment his cabochon lapidary skills, he travels extensively to gem and mineral shows to obtain rare rough materials from around the globe. Paul mines his own material in Colorado and has access to a unique mineral he has titled 'Chryscolorite'.

Southwest Origins

Much of the inspiration for the artists comes from the landscape of the southwest where the artists both have deep roots. They are committed to sustainable artistry and are consciously working toward a more beautiful planet.